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Statistics say there is an annual increase of 15% in medical cases requiring radiology imagine based diagnosis and treatment. While the radiologists required to tackle these cases are already in shortage and are only increasing at the rate of 2% annually. Teleradiology is a very effective tool which we can use to bridge this gap and help patients whenever and from wherever necessary.

Fast and Comfortable

The concept of teleradiology can be easily implemented both in telemedicine and in full-fledged hospitals without disturbing their existing flow of work. Teleradiology can be simply used to make the work of hospitals and physician more comfortable and fast. It can be used both for preliminary reporting in case of emergencies and final reporting in case of full-fledged diagnosis.

Easy to Distribute

Teleradiology makes it easy to distribute radiology studies including X-Ray CT Scan and MRI between hospitals and radiologists or at times between patients and doctors. This tool makes it easy to access the radiology files remotely. The most comfortable aspect of this tool is that it does not need any special provisions in terms of hardware and the transmission of studies can happen through broadband, cloud and LAN based networking systems. The files can be shared from a hospital to a radiologist in any part of the world. Any radiologist with a regular PC and working internet connection will be able to access the studies and provide interpretations.


Teleradiology is a comfortable and economical solution with the capability of increasing the reach of healthcare to all by leaps and bounds. It enables hospitals and physicians to work without borders, servicing the needs of patients and hospitals in remote locations without access a full-time radiologist in that area. The technology is able to transmit digital radiology images as they are from one point to another leaving no margin for errors.

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