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Why RadCorner

Headed by a Radiologist – Being directed by a radiologist our team is aware as to how important the interpretation of the study is to the diagnosis and treatment of the corresponding patient. Radcorner has made sure that the flow of radiology studies and interpretation between the patient(or hospital) and the doctor happens flawlessly.

Global Medical Exchange Platform – Being an international platform we will be able to cater to the specific needs of users from all around the world. Our doctors are trained to follow all the required protocols that need to be followed while reporting the study they have diagnosed.

Experienced international Doctor Panel for any referral Opinions – Radcorner works in partnership with iCliniq a global medical second opinion platform. This allows Radcorners clients to get the opinion of other physicians across 80 different specialties based on the reporting of our radiologists.

Responsiveness to your individual needs – We have a team Radiologists experienced in all different subspecialties of radiology. This allows us to deliver reports based upon your specific requirements with ease.

Quality & Reliability – The best in class technology we use for the transmission of studies & reports, coupled with the experience of our team of radiologists ensure topnotch quality of service and reliability in reporting.

Focus upon individual clients – Team Radcorner ensures that proper attention is given to the single client and their requirements are delivered upon with accuracy and in time. All clients on the platform are treated with equal importance since there is no difference when it comes to healthcare.

We can (and do) modify our workflow to meet your specific needs – The interface which we provide for our customers is quite user-friendly and can also be customised based on individual requirements. The process flow of the entire transition of studies and reports can be adjusted to suit your needs and requirements.

Our report turnaround times are tailored to meet your expectation – Radcorner’s workflow is designed to suit all the needs of the customer including the turnaround time.

Flexible Pricing – Radcorner has flexible pricing models to fit all requirement in terms of Turn Around Time(TAT), Clinical Speciality, Emergency, Trauma, second opinion, short and Long Term study storage. Facilitation to interact with the reporting Radiologist. Study sharing. Clients also have the option to choose a Radiologist based on the consultant credentials.

Personal Health Information (PHI) – RadCorner provides an option for storing the personal electronic medical records of patients for emergency access to Anytime, Anywhere and on any mobile device. The platform also provides for Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing(XDS).

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