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Why Teleradiology

Teleradiology simply connects far away hospitals or diagnostic centres with expert radiologists. This is an anytime and anywhere approach which is a win-win situation for all parties involved namely patients, Radiologists, and Physicians.

In Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities radiologists are not widely available. This delay can at times create further complications in the patients existing situations.Teleradiology can be a boon to patients from these cities, who otherwise have to travel to tier one cities to get their studies interpreted from radiologists. With teleradiology, they can get their studies interpreted almost as fast as it is done in a city where radiologists are available.

The radiologist will be able to productively optimize his output (more reports per day) by avoiding unnecessary physical travel to the scan center.

Teleradiology optimises how the radiologist spends his already limited time diagnosing studies. It reduces the time and effort which the radiologists which had earlier used to travel to different diagnostic centers to interpret studies. The radiologist can further use this time to interpret almost twice the number of studies he used to earlier. All this can be done from a comfortable location he prefers.

The physician will be able to receive the studies in advance even before the patients visit them. Being so the physicians can get a clear idea of the case and will be ready to help the patients once they meet. This will amply reduce the time required for diagnosis, and they will be able to proceed with further treatment.

Teleradiology’s maximum potential can be experienced during trauma emergency cases where a delay of even minutes can cost the patient his life.

In short, teleradiology reduces the time and cost a patient has to spend while it comes to radiology interpretations. It is also a boon on the doctor’s side since it only makes the radiologists work much easier without any extra effort.

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